Patient Testimonials

Laura Varlaro has helped me for many years

I have been more than comfortable with all of Laura Varlaro's medical skills. She has diagnosed some very complex conditions for me and has helped me through my seizures as well. She maintains my health, including digestive disorders and neurological conditions. I love her!

Cindy Cameron

Dr. Ralph Gargiulo is like Family

I have been Ralph Gargiulo's patient for more than 15 years. Ralph has more knowledge then many other doctors. He has cured me of many aliments that have been misdiagnosed. His bedside manner is fantastic! All of my friends and family trust him as much as I do. He treats me like family.

Ralph Bonato, Patient for over 15 years

Grace is wonderful

I have been Grace's patient for a long time. She is a wonderful, very caring and compassionate person. She is excellent with her medical skills. When I am sick, I can always count on her to make me feel better, not only physically, but also mentally.

Deana Treadwell

Dr. Kulkarni is compassionate

I have been a patient of Dr. Kulkarni for over 15 years. He is so compassionate and very accommodating. If I ever needed to see him, he is always available; any day of the week. He is wonderful!

Katalin Bentley, Patient for over 15 years

Dr. Sinha and his staff are all excellent

Dr. Sinha and his staff are all excellent and wonderful! He makes me feel very comfortable. I feel more like family rather than his patient when I am there. He is very accessible. I am able to make an appointment with him at any time.

Edwina Casella

Dr. Sinha's care has continued over the years

Dr. Rabi Sinha was our first doctor for both my husband (since deceased) and myself. He has gotten to know me and my medical problems. His care has continued since taking on his own practice. He is a very compassionate person who is reachable any time I need him.

Patricia Malloy

Dr. Sinha's Patience and bedside manner are immeasurable

Dr. Sinha has been my primary care physician for over 15 years. I have complete trust in him! He is a very caring doctor with an exorbitant amount of knowledge. His patience, bedside manner and compassion are immeasurable and you are always greeted with a smile. If you want a doctor who truly cares about his patients, Dr. Sinha would be the man.

Laureen Corcoran, Patient for over 15 years